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By Lama Thubten Yeshe, Nicholas Ribush, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

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Like changing into the Compassion Buddha, this is often one other of Lama Yeshe's examinations of key Tantric deity practices within the Tibetan Buddhist culture. universal to all 4 traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the perform of Vajrasattva is used to purify stumbling blocks to non secular improvement, detrimental karma, and affliction. Lama Yeshe, the inspirational instructor who strongly inspired the advance of Buddhism within the West, chanced on that the perform of Vajrasattva introduced dramatic effects for his Western scholars. changing into Vajrasattva is a whole advisor to this purification perform, supplying guide at the strategy, observation at the conventional texts, and perception into tantra. additionally incorporated is a whole portion of whole retreat instructions—required studying for someone project a meditation retreat within the Tibetan culture.

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If those robed in red, overwhelmed by insight into the suffering and confusion of their own samsaric existence, are motivated solely by the wish to liberate themselves, they are Hinayanists. You should not think that bodhisattvas always look peaceful; some manifest wrathfully. Even on the first of the ten bodhisattva levels, which is called joyous One, they can manifest simultaneously in one hundred different bodies. With these they can take teachings directly from the sambhogakaya aspects of one hundred different buddhas or transform into one hundred different manifestations for the benefit of sentient beings.

To generate bodhichitta we must feel unbearable great compassion for all sentient beings, irrespective of their species, race, nationality, or philosophical and religious beliefs. As well, we must have the strong, enthusiastic will to lead them to perfect enlightenment, taking the responsibility for doing so upon ourselves alone. Simply having this attitude releases us from a great deal of negativity. For example, your karmic connection with your parents is very strong, but it is out of control.

Taking Refuge 25 Wisdom is wisdom. Why should it bother you if some ignoramus tells you it is excrement or calls your lama a demon? You cannot make things ·into excrement and demons simply by calling them that! Therefore be careful. If you get upset when someone criticizes your Dharma practice, it means that you have made Dharma wisdom into something material. This applies not only to Buddhism but to all other religions as well. If the followers of any religion are angered by someone's telling them that their religion is no good and they want to burn their critics at the stake, then their conceptions are completely wrong.

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